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MkzdK Science, ideas, ecology and art are gathered by this uncommon site.

Hyperspace Science, spirituality, and psychedelism

Psychology, metaphysics, neuro-consciousness, and politics for a new age

Meet some of the most advanced theories at the crossing point of biology, evolution, psychology and metaphysics with Ruppert Sheldrake.

The official site of Geoffrey Redgio's movie Koyaanisqatsi , produced by par Francis Ford Coppola. This fascinating film gives us a global view on our planet and our civilization, with real images from natural landscapes, from big cities and urban crowds, and with a music of Philip Glass .

About the information society and technologies, the site of the scientist and biologist Joël de Rosnay

The site of the physicist Jean-Pierre Petit, devoted to astronomy, hot physics technologies as Magneto-Hydro Dynamics, and to the Ummit extra-terrestrial civilization, technology and science.

Some informations about brain and neurotransmitters.

Nirvanet Nirvana rhymes with multimedia... Highly creative and polymorph site



Principia Cybernetica Web, an exciting site entirely devoted to cybernetics.

The second financial market of the world is entirely virtual. It's NASDAQ !

The site of the American Society for Cybernetic


Australian Outback Gallery, images of the australian desert

The vulcanos erupting now...

Dolphin Synergy, the Dance of the Dolphins


Some organisations for nature and climate preservation: WWF , GreenPeace , and the "Climate Voice" campaign.








The sites of science magazines New Scientist, and Nature

Meet some of the most advanced theories at the crossing point of biology, evolution, psychology and metaphysics with Ruppert Sheldrake.

Visualize a black hole !

SETI at Home Participate to the SETI search of extra-terrestrial civilizations. You can help them to prossess the space frequencies recorded by the Arecibo telescope.
You just need to load and install this screen saver that works for SETI when your computer is iddle










Techno Culture

The Psychedelic Chaishop, images and flyers galleries

Fractals software to download, for Macintosh and Windows

The X-Files official site




Yahoo's Images Surfer, the search engine for images

The best astronomy images gallery and the picture of the day on Geoman, the NASA's site

Dolphin Synergy: Galleries

Australian Outback Gallery

Nine Planets images of the solar system

Eric's Fractal Art Gallery the art of fractals



WIRED of course!

Art, multimedia, and ecology

The information technologies of the future are invented at MIT Medialab

Random and interactive combinations of images in a transforming grid



Images from satellites

Earth Imaging Satellite imagery of our planet Earth and its main "organic" functions

Earth Viewer A full set of real-time satellite images

Meteosat european image of the day at 0 AM , 6 AM , 0 PM , 6 PM

Meteosat image of the previous day at 0 AM , 6 AM , O PM , 6 PM








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