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The planned end of democracy

We are living now a radical change of the political system in the western countries. Here are the reasons why we are not in a democracy anymore.





The keys of the understanding of the world and its real rules may be explained in this TOP SECRET document. This "social programming manual" applies some theories originating from cybernetics. It set out the strategies and the goals of the world rulers, who are not the national governments leaders anymore, but the chairmen of the main financial and economic networks, the only world-scalled power.

These strategies, widely applied, concealed but obvious for the one "who knows what to look for", are underpining the radical and accelerated transformation of the society.

A transformation which take us more rapidly as we think toward a world described by many science-fiction books or movies: "Rollerball", "Blade Runner", "Green Sun", "Brave New World", or "Johny Mnemonic"...


UFO Sightings by Astronauts

This other document is about the extraterrestrial's existence black-out. Almost all of the US astronauts would have witnessed extraterrestrial spaceships, during the space shuttle or Apollo missions.

Here are the astonishing accounts of famous US astronauts, as Neil Amstrong, Edwin Aldrin, Scott Carpenter, or Gordon Cooper...



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